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Human Resource Advisory

Human Resource Advisory

In meeting the long-term objectives of a company, the recruitment and management of a competent and well-matched workforce is necessary. AB Corporate Solutions provides human resources services to a wide range of domestic and international clients which include drafting and reviewing recruitment and employee policies, conducting organizational reviews, performing employee satisfaction surveys; assessing job gradings, compensation, benefits and most of all, Staff Health and Wellbeing.

Towards a well-rounded program of development strategies that help transform global employment programs in a cost-efficient manner, our operations are coordinated through three primary “Development Departments” :

Performance and Career Development

Employee performance and career development can no longer be approached in the traditional manner; rather, it must be handled as a partnership between the organization and the employee. A strategic approach towards career development of employees in an organization improves talent recruitment, retention and overall performance. At ABCS, we assist in embedding career conversations into the performance review process towards ultimately improving the overall productivity of staff.

Capacity and Culture Development

Capacity development requires careful planning to target the right people and build the right skills at the right time and over time. To ensure that an organization’s capacity-building initiatives are more successful, ABCS develops and implements capacity building programmes as an on-going strategic commitment by the organisation. Beyond enhancing the capacity of the staff, the establishment and practice of the right Culture in an organization is also important. We work with companies and organizations to establish firm-wide cultural alignment and ensure observance of the Company’s culture, ethics and etiquettes.

Health and Wellness Development

The physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of employees of any organization are very essential. At ABCS, we partner with organizations in developing and implementing a plan to cater for the health and wellbeing of employees. A suitable health and wellness program can help employers reduce absenteeism, improve employee morale and loyalty, reduce health care costs, enhance talent engagement and retention, reduce workers’ health-related compensation, and achieve higher employee productivity. Simply put, Staff Health and Wellbeing is the Heartbeat of Human Resources and by extension, organizational growth.